Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

BREATHE IN. Some say there is a new haven where you can stay. Some say it is a place where nothing is pushed away. But where everything is transformed today: habits and understanding, awareness and being. Embracing nature, embracing one’s pace. Embracing others, embracing oneself. Some say wellness is the most precious power. The Purist has concentrated its essence, hour by hour. Care Movement Nutrition Sleep BREATHE OUT. YOU HAVE ARRIVED to nurture. to reload. to balance. to recharge.

4 THE PURIST’S VISION OF WELLBEING Daring to linger in the interim, to stop the clock, to face one’s nature. Clear, raw and authentic. A constant realignment, the opportunity to rediscover oneself. And to continue to do so, at home and out in the world.

5 Four pillars, to help you find balance. Four pillars, guiding you towards realignment. Four pillars, to bring you more wellbeing. care nutrition movement SLEEP

6 CARE Our treatment menu is based on the concept of holistic wellbeing. The initial consultation and diagnostics we offer ensure an optimal experience from the very beginning of your time with us. Following this, you will discover high-precision, bespoke experiences that have been created in partnership with leading brands, which combine time-honoured techniques with the latest technologies. These restorative and sensorial experiences are delivered by our wellbeing experts, within treatment rooms that immerse you in a calm and relaxing cocoon. movement From our very first and most natural movement – the breath – to more intensive sports activities, our experts have developed programmes to suit every need. Whether on your own or with others, indoors or outdoors – you can go at your own pace, to deeply strengthen your body. nutrition Regain your inner energy through nutrition, with our dining offer, which is based on the concept of energy-boosting cuisine. This traditional approach focuses on vitality and wellbeing, bringing you natural, delicious, and flavourful nourishment in every dish. sleep From sunrise to sunset: we work on sleep, bringing it into sync with circadian rhythms, and providing you with guidance and advice to ensure your sleep is as restorative as possible. A curation of tools and rituals that will help you rediscover the pleasure of sleep.


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10 Cures Marines trouville-sur-mer A palace on the sea entirely redesigned in its wellbeing dimension.



13 “Delightful in all weather”: this is how Trouville lovers describe the city. And they’re right. This Normandy seaside resort, home to The Purist, is a real haven of peace that has been prized for decades. An ideal vacation spot, Trouville impresses with its boardwalk and iconic beach, its fishing port known for its lively atmosphere from morning till night, its invigorating air, and its heights, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pays d’Auge area. Inaugurated in April 1912 and initially intended to be the biggest casino in Europe, the building gradually transformed into an essential gathering place where the benefits of the sea are superbly showcased. The sea. A city. A 5-star MGallery hotel. The Purist. A majestic seafront hotel that has been completely redesigned, reopening its doors in autumn 2023. The start of a new cycle. Cures Marines


15 “To watch the sea is to look at the whole. And to gaze at the sand is to see the whole, one whole. At Trouville, I watched the sea until I saw nothing.” marguerite duras 1962, Trouville and its Surrounding Area

16 “The body and mind used to be seen as two distinct and opposing entities. At The Purist, we bring them together – the two are interconnected.” antoine lecoq Wellness & SPA Director, Les Cures Marines, Trouville-sur-Mer





21 Marine Cycle (RE)MINERALISATION • 1 Pure Seaweed Bath • 1 Body Wrap — Laminaria digitata — or Fucus serratus • 3 Marine Experiences OXYGENATION • 3 Seawater-based Group Activities — in a marine pool — or in the sea RELAXATION • 1 Body Wrap Ritual with seaweed leaves (50 min) • 1 Massage — ‘Heart of the Waves’ (50 min) — or ‘Seaweed Pouches’ (50 min) • 1 ‘Radiance’ Facial by VOYA (50 min) Available for the first time in France. Discover pure, handpicked Organic seaweed with this range of highly concentrated products. Ideal for those who love the sea and who are looking for intense remineralisation BENEFITS · Pure marine experience · Energy boost and relaxation · Organic products 3 - 6 DAYS | €260 per day (excluding accommodation and dining) Example of a basic 3-day programme. TO START • 1 Oligoscan Consultation • 1 Sugar and Seaweed Scrub — Peppermint — or Lavander

22 Cycles balance cycle RECONNECTING WITH EMOTIONS

23 Balance Cycle *Subject to contraindications TO START • 1 By Beflow Diagnostics 1 RELEASE PHASE Energy release • 1 Release Session with a coach Skin release • 1 VOYA Marine Scrub with lavender and rosemary Toxin release • 1 Iyashi Dôme Japanese Sauna • 1 VOYA Pure Seaweed Bath 2 RECONNECTING PHASE To mind • 1 Rebalance® Impulse • 1 Floatation pool session To nature • 1 Meditation in the heart of nature • 3 Marine Experiences To the emotions • 1 Reflexology session (50 min) • 1 Shiatsu session (50 min) 3 MINDFULNESS PHASE Body • 1 Cryotherapy session* Enhanced with 2 energy-boosting experiences • 1 Aqua-relaxation Ritual with Crystal Bowl (25 min) • 1 Crystal Healing Massage Ritual with Rock Crystal (80 min) A signature cycle comprising 3 stages, to align the body and mind by working on the emotions. Ideal for anyone in search of harmony BENEFITS · Sensorial experience · Emotional alignment · Grounding 4 - 6 DAYS | €260 per day (excluding accommodation and dining) Example of a basic 4-day programme.

24 Cycles REBIRTH CYCLE with maison epigenetic THE BEAUTY OF TIME

25 A ground-breaking cycle based on epigenetic science, in partnership with Maison Epigenetic, Paris. Ideal for kickstarting a new, healthier, and more sustaining lifestyle. Energy-boosting cuisine to effectively reset your plate - with full board BENEFITS · Improved health and vitality · Renewal and radiance · Advanced diagnostics 6 DAYS | €385 per day (excluding accommodation and dining) IN ADVANCE OF THE CYCLE We schedule a video consultation with an expert from Maison Epigenetic, to prepare to make the most of your time with us. ON ARRIVAL • 1 Appointment with a wellbeing expert • 1 One-day epigenetic assessment (if not already carried out beforehand with an expert from Maison Epigenetic) FOLLOWING YOUR CYCLE • 1 Appointment with a wellbeing expert • 1 Video consultation with an expert from Maison Epigenetic • 1 Invitation to Maison Epigenetic for a seminar BOOST • 1 Iyashi Dôme Japanese sauna • 1 Stendo® cardio-synchronised session VITALITY • 2 One-on-one coaching sessions • 2 Group sports activities — or tailored group wellbeing sessions • 1 Naturopathy consultation • 3 Marine Experiences • 1 VOYA Marine Body Wrap RADIANCE • 1 Cellcosmet bespoke facial (80 min) • 1 Cryoskin x Cellcosmet Everlasting Frost Facial (50 min) • 1 Evoleum nutricosmetic treatment REGENERATION • 1 Tui Na (50 min) — or Acupressure (50 min) — or Reïki (50 min) • 3 Massages (50 min) — or Balance Treatments (50 min) • 2 Rebalance® Impulse sessions • 1 Hypnosis & sleep session (80 min) PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT TREATMENTS Rebirth Cycle Example of a basic 6-day programme.


27 TO START • 1 Tanita Impedance consultation • 3 Reinvigorating treatments of your choice: — Sculpting Marine Wave — or Invigorating Bath • 3 Detox treatments of your choice: — lyashi Dôme — or Fucus serratus Detox Body Wrap — or Stendo® cardio-synchronised massage session • 3 Body toning massages (20 mins) of your choice: — Endermolift Body by LPG — or Watermass body toning treatment — or Silhouette-enhancing drainage massage Tailor your cycle according to your specific needs, with our BOOSTERS, and benefit from a 15% discount off the “à la carte” price, as part of this programme. MOVEMENT Sports activity — or bespoke Coaching NUTRITIONAL EXPERTISE Consultation with a dietician EXPERTISE IN NATUROPATHY Consultation with our naturopath HYPNOSIS & ADDICTION This session is designed to help you break free from food addictions. REGULATING EMOTIONS A Rebalance Impulse® session, which focuses on the relationship between your diet and your emotions. MICRONUTRITION AND DETOX Nutritional supplements to regulate the digestive system BOOSTERS Reset Cycle THE BASICS A bespoke cycle for deep rebalancing. Ideal for anyone wishing to gain a new lease of life. A complete reset, providing nourishing energy and a healthy boost - with full board BENEFITS · Enhanced silhouette · Detox · Regulation 3 - 6 DAYS | €170 per day (excluding boosters, accommodation and dining) Example of a basic 3-day programme


29 With this cycle, you will explore a variety of wellbeing destinations, one day at a time, discovering rituals from around the world that have been inspired by age-old beauty and wellbeing secrets. Ideal for anyone seeking a true sense of escapism and wishing disconnection BENEFITS · One day, one journey · Pharmacopoeias of the world · Sensorial and natural 3 - 5 DAYS | €260 per day (excluding accommodation and dining) Example of a basic 5-day programme. SOOTHING RITUAL FROM INDIA • Relax under the ocean rain and the Bangalore mist • Indian Ayurvedic massage (50 min) • Bali flower facial massage (20 min) HARMONY RITUAL FROM JAPAN • Iyashi Dôme Japanese Sauna • Balancing Shiatsu treatment (50 min) • Ko Bi Do facial massage (20 min) SOFTNESS RITUAL FROM THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS • Egyptian milk bath • Pearl and hibiscus body wrap (20 min) • Traditional Oriental massage (50 min) ENERGY RITUAL FROM BRAZIL • Ocean wave and Brazilian mist • Detox Body Wrap with seaweed (20 min) • Brazilian massage (50 min) SERENITY RITUAL FROM POLYNESIA • Sublime scrub with Tahitian monoi (20 min) • Blue lagoon ocean bath • Sublime Polynesian massage (50 min) TO START • 1 Observ 520 Skin Diagnosis World Cycle



32 Sequences are protocols lasting one day that include a series of treatments, thoughtfully chosen to meet your specific needs Sequences

33 REGENERATION SEQUENCE Revived body 3 Treatments in one day • 1 Marine Experience — or Wellbeing Experience • 1 Cryotherapy session • 1 Stendo® cardio-synchronised massage session Monday to Friday: €150 Saturday and Sunday: €160 MY SEQUENCE Restored energy 3 Treatments in one day • 3 Marine Experiences — or Wellbeing Experiences — or group coaching activities Monday to Friday: €130 Saturday and Sunday: €140 MY SEQUENCE + 4 Treatments in one day • 3 Marine Experiences — or Wellbeing Experiences — or group coaching activities • 1 Massage targeting a specific need (25 min) — or 1 Marine Massage (20 min) Monday to Friday: €190 Saturday and Sunday: €200 GLOW SEQUENCE Reset skin • 1 Observ 520 skin diagnosis 3 Treatments in one day • 1 Rebalance Impulse® session • 1 VOYA pure seaweed bath • 1 LPG x VOYA endermologie® facial Monday to Friday: €230 Saturday and Sunday: €240 UNWINDING SEQUENCE Soothed mind 3 Treatments in one day • 2 Marine Experiences — or Wellbeing Experiences • 1 Zen Massage targeting a specific need (25 min) Monday to Friday: €160 Saturday and Sunday: €170 Sequences


35 “To sleep well is to wake up feeling refreshed.” Dr. Alexandra Dalu Specialist in anti-ageing medicine

36 Our Cycles and Sequences are suggestions to help you make the most of your time with us, whether you’re staying for one day or several days. A short stay? You can also choose for à la carte treatments and activities. TREATMENTS & ACTIVITIES À la carte treatments


38 We offer a diagnostics session before any Cycle, Sequence or à la carte treatment. This consultation also takes into account your physical and emotional state diagnostics À la carte Treatments

39 50min | €60 15min | €350 Oligoscan Evaluates the body’s needs in terms of minerals and trace elements, as well as oxidative stress levels. This technique also detects whether there are any heavy metals present within the body. Maison Epigenetic DNA Methylation Analysis of metabolic processes using a blood droplet sample, to study the modulation of the expression of certain genes within your DNA. Results are available within 3 weeks. BEAUTY Observ 520 Skin analysis using digital imaging, assessing skin health on the surface and at a deeper level. 20min | €30 50min | €60 BALANCE By Beflow Diagnostics This technique allows us to determine your physical, mental and emotional state at any given moment, by analysing the body’s impact zones. VITALITY Tanita Analysis Measures body composition, including fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and water mass. 15min | €30 Diagnostics

40 WELLNESS Nutrition — or naturopathy consultation On-site — or via video call 50min | €80 80min | €140 À la carte Treatments 50min | €60 Fitness analysis Assessment of the body’s physical aptitudes and abilities. Nutrition — or naturopathy follow-up On-site — or via video call 25min | €50

41 Diagnostics

MARINE TREATMENTS Enjoy the benefits of the sea with treatments designed by The Purist, for you 42 À la carte Treatments

43 MARINE EXPERIENCES Energising Seawater Bath For a massaging immersion. Relaxing Seawater Bath For a sensory immersion. Ocean Rain A soothing sea mist over the whole body. 15min | €50 15min | €50 15min | €50 Marine Treatments Marine Wave Energising OR Relaxing OR Sculpting High-pressure seawater jets. 15min | €50 25min | €60 Floatation Pool This pool, filled with Epsom salt water, invites you to truly let go and completely disconnect.

44 VOYA SIGNATURE MARINE RITUALS Spiced Mud Wrap A purifying, antioxidant treatment within a floating cocoon. Laminaria digitata Body Wrap A remineralising, moisturising treatment within a floating cocoon. Fucus serratus Detox Body Pack A naturally rebalancing treatment, within a floating cocoon. 20min | €70 20min | €70 20min | €70 Seaweed Bath Ritual This traditional revitalising bath is prepared with pure Irish seaweed, and offers remineralising, moisturising and rebalancing benefits. Seaweed Wrap Ritual In this unique ritual, strips of fresh, concentrated kelp are applied to the body, for their soothing, rebalancing and restorative properties. 25min | €70 50min | €130 À la carte Treatments

45 Marine Treatments

46 HARMONY TREATMENTS Letting go and finding harmony with your body: that is what we have brought to these treatments, and much more À la carte Treatments

47 WELLBEING EXPERIENCES Iyashi Dôme Japanese sauna Powerful infratherapy treatment, with detoxifying, purifying and relaxing properties. Hydrojet Musico Relax A heated, relaxing and soothing massage mattress. Rebalance Impulse® Guided neuro-meditation with synchronised colour therapy, for deep relaxation that improves sleep quality, combats chronic stress and strengthens the immune system. 25min | €60 Stendo® Cardio-synchronised stimulation, to reactivate the circulatory system and provide highly effective lymphatic drainage. 20min | €60 30min | €60 15min | €50 REBALANCING TREATMENTS Reflexology Applying pressure to the reflex zones along the arch of the foot, to release energy. 25min | €90 Shiatsu This technique works with applying pressure to the body, to harmonise energy flows. Energy-boosting Acupressure HThis traditional therapy brings all types of consciousness into harmony, whether connected to energy, emotions, or the body. A gentle but intense reset, to help you reconnect with your full potential. Traditional Tui Na massage A deep, revitalising massage focusing on the tissues and meridians that carry energy and blood through the body, to relieve pain and promote deep relaxation. 50min | €140 50min | €140 50min | €140 Harmony Treatments

48 REBALANCING TREATMENTS Hypnosis Where the subconscious and our inner resources meet. 80min | €140 Touch for Health Relieves blockages in the body, by using pressure points to rebalance muscle groups. Emotional Release Generates renewed energy by relieving you of the emotional burden that may be weighing you down. 80min | €140 80min | €140 À la carte Treatments 25min | €80 80min | €210 ENERGY-BOOSTING EXPERIENCES BY ELIZABETH CONTAL Aqua-relaxation Ritual with Crystal Bowl Immersed in a heated seawater pool, you will completely unwind, as the gentle frequencies of the crystals help your body to feel totally relaxed. Rock Crystal Lithotherapy Massage Ritual A holistic experience that promotes true harmony, this treatment amplifies vital energy through the combination of crystal waves and a relaxing crystal pebble massage. Reiki A healing technique that uses touch to channel energy, reconnecting body and mind. 50min | €140

49 Harmony Treatments

50 À la carte Treatments massages Recentre yourself, unwind and relax. A unique invitation

51 ESSENTIAL MASSAGES VOYA MASSAGES ‘Heart of the Waves’ A relaxing and moisturising massage featuring movements that replicate the gentle and invigorating movement of the sea. ‘Seaweed Pouches’ A gentle, exfoliating, and nourishing massage that uses warm pouches containing Fucus Serratus seaweed, orange, clove and ginger. The Mère’veilleuse (Marvellous Mummy) EXPERIENCE A soothing and relaxing marine treatment focusing on the expecting mother’s tummy area. The Mère’veilleux (Marvellous Mummy) MASSAGE This relaxing and soothing scrub and massage for Mums-to-be offers a moment of tranquillity, and deep hydration for the skin. 50min | €140 50min | €140 50min | €140 80min | €190 Massages Focused Zen Concentrating on an area of your choice: face and scalp, or back, or feet. Californian An enveloping and relaxing massage, with warm oils. Swedish A deep and energising massage that works on the muscles. 25min | €80 50min | €130 50min | €140

52 CINQ MONDES MASSAGES Traditional Oriental A journey to the heart of Oriental traditions, this massage works on the whole body, using warm argan oil and incorporating slow, deep strokes, for a moment of pure wellbeing. . 50min | €140 Indian Ayurvedic This massage is inspired by traditional Abhyanga techniques. Warm oil is applied through alternating slow and fast movements, to release tension and reawaken the body. Polynesian Sublime Inspired by the slow rhythms of Lomi-Lomi, this massage draws on the knowledge passed down by Polynesian healers, and features delicate notes of tropical flowers, for an experience of deep relaxation. Brazilian Body Toning Bespoke This treatment, inspired by traditional Brazilian medicine, features draining and detoxifying movements, resulting in a relaxed body, a soothed mind, and a refined silhouette. 50min | €140 50min | €140 50min | €140 À la carte Treatments

53 Sublime Bola Enveloping, smoothing movements incorporating a sound massage ball, to calmly welcome all the changes associated with pregnancy and restore a feeling of lightness and relaxation in the body. Royal Balinese Experience a world of tranquillity and a true moment of escape for the senses, with this Balinese massage, which combines traditional smoothing movements with gentle stretching. Udarabhyanga Deep, invigorating techniques inspired by traditional Indian medicine, for deep muscle relaxation and intensive toxin release. 50min | €140 50min | € 140 50min | €140 Massages

54 BODY TONING MASSAGES À la carte Treatments Endermologie Body by LPG (30 min) This treatment acts directly on adipocytes and fibroblast cells, for a lipo-draining, smoothing and firming action. 1 area - 20 min (€70) / 10 sessions (€560) Multiple areas - 40 min (€100) / 10 sessions (€800) Silhouette-enhancing Lymphatic Drainage This marine massage treatment uses an underwater jet to eliminate toxins and improve circulation. 20min | €80 Watermass Silhouette A marine-based lymphatic drainage palpate-roll massage with sculpting movements. 20min | €80

55 Massages

56 BEAUTY TREATMENTS Beauty is on the inside, but can also be enhanced from the outside. A range of wonderfully relaxing and beautifying treatments for you to choose from À la carte Treatments

57 VOYA BODY SCRUBS CINQ MONDES BODY SCRUBS Sugar, peppermint and seaweed scrub Exfoliating, detoxifying, refreshing and smoothing. Aromatic Spice Scrub Energising exfoliation with sea salt, ground almond and vanilla. Sugar scrub with lavender and seaweed Exfoliating, detoxifying and relaxing. Papaya Purée Scrub Radiance-boosting exfoliation, with papaya and ground coconut. Sublime Tahiti Scrub Nourishing exfoliation with sugar granules and ground coconut . 25min | €80 25min | €80 25min | €80 25min | €80 25min | €80 Beauty Treatments

58 Gold of the Sea The ultimate VOYA experience, combining the relaxing benefits of a back massage with the remineralising properties of a real seaweed mask. 80min | €190 Sublime Eyes and Lips This treatment stimulates the natural synthesis of essential youth-supporting resources. The smoothing, plumping and anti-fatigue effect is enhanced by the VOYA marine skincare line. Anti-ageing Expert A skin fitness treatment, combined with VOYA marine expertise , for a tailor-made objective: plumping, firming or refining. 25min | €90 50min | €140 À la carte Treatments VOYA FACIALS ENDERMOLOGIE By LPG x VOYA Intensity MEN’S TREATMENT A powerful marine-based treatment with real seaweed leaves, designed to meet the specific needs of men’s skin. Radiance A deeply detoxifying, revitalising and radianceenhancing marine treatment. Regeneration This marine treatment focuses on collagen stimulation, harnessing the most effective organic marine ingredients, including antioxidant seaweed complexes and real seaweed leaves. 50min | €140 50min | €140 50min | €140

59 CINQ MONDES FACIALS Ko Bi So massages Expert manual lifting techniques inspired by rituals originating in Japan. Ko means ancient, Bi, the beauty of the face, and Do, the right action. Bali flower massage treatments Radiance Boost A treatment for radiant skin and a beautiful complexion, enhanced with the delicate scents of tropical flowers. Beauty Treatments 1 Session (20min) | €80 1 Session with scrub and mask (50min) | €140 1 Session with scrub, mask, acupressure and smoothing with Ridokis (80min) | €190 1 Session (20min) | €80 1 Session with facial massage (50min) | €140 1 Session with double exfoliation, pore extraction, facial massage and acupressure (80min) | €190

60 À la carte Treatments CELLCOSMET FACIALS Swiss Instant Radiance Designed to plump skin tissue, for an immediate anti-ageing effect. The therapist will select a mask according to your skin type, to ensure optimum results. 50min | €170 Swiss Elasto-Collagen Perfectly moisturised, firmer skin, and a radiant, glowing complexion… These are the benefits delivered by the synergy of precious ingredients and the dermo-relaxing massage. . Swiss Anti-ageing and Eye-revitalising This signature cellular treatment is a true youth booster. With its double mask and smoothing eye contour treatment, it instantly revitalises, visibly reduces signs of ageing and reboots cells lacking in energy, to reveal a more radiant complexion. Swiss Procollagen Face and Neck Through the application of a sheet of pure collagen, which is concentrated in cellular energy, this treatment smooths and plumps fine lines and wrinkles, softens features, and delivers immediate and extreme hydration while soothing redness, to reveal a truly radiant complexion. 80min | €210 110min | €300 80min | €330 The frosted touch of eternity The immediate anti-fatigue and smoothing effect of Cryoskin facial cryotherapy, amplified by Cellcosmet’s biocellular expertise. 50min | €180 By CRYOSKIN x CELLCOSMET

61 Beauty Treatments

62 SPORTS ACTIVITIES Movement Moving, while being guided: a program proposed by our experts.


64 GROUP SESSIONS BESPOKE SESSIONS Mindfulness — Respirology — or Meditation — or Mindful walking Coaching Individual. Recovery Cryotherapy chamber – latest generation. 50min | €30 25min | €60 50min | €90 Posture — Yoga — or Pilates — or Aqua pilates — or Postural stretching Fitness Sculpt Cardio Boxing — or Thighs, abs & glutes — or Aquabike — or Aquafitness — or Circuit Training Endurance — Gentle running — or Sea walk (loan of wetsuit included) 50min | €30 50min | €30 Gentle Running | €30 € — Sea walk | €40 3min | €60 3-session package | €160 10-session package | €510 Movement

65 Movement

66 CLUB PASS The Purist

Pass valid for 1 year, giving you access to the spa for the ½ day of the sessions. €560 Access for ½ day excluding weekends and public holidays. €75 • Access to the spa, excluding weekends • Club Sport sessions • 10% off the treatment menu €560 • Access to the spa, excluding weekends • Club Sport sessions • 15% off the treatment menu €1,790 • Spa access excluding weekends • Club Sport sessions • 15% off the treatment menu • 1 full-body Cryotherapy session per month • 1 Diagnostics consultation of your choice: fitness, beauty or wellbeing €2,390 10 SPORTS ACTIVITY SESSIONS SPA ACCESS QUARTERLY PASS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION ANNUAL PASS + 67

68 Carefully chosen for their holistic wellbeing philosophy. PARTNER BRANDS AND EXPERTS Our partners


70 Our partners Our partner brands

71 Our partners VOYA From sea to skin. VOYA offers marine experiences, as well as a range of face and body products based on pure, organic seaweed, which is hand-picked, in keeping with the Irish traditions of being natural, responsible and sustainable. These highly concentrated products combine the expertise of the world’s leading cosmetic scientists with VOYA’s knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of seaweed. CINQ MONDES Explore the world, as you go in search of the great ageold traditions of wellbeing and beauty, and discover the ultimate pharmacopoeias. Cinq Mondes offers a holistic experience that provides a true sense of escapism, through products and treatments that are both sensorial and responsibly sourced. CELLCOSMET At the forefront of research, development and cosmetic science, CELLCOSMET is a Swiss range of expert skincare products that has been designed to meet the specific needs of the skin. With their extensive biocellular expertise and rigorously selected plant and marine ingredients, these premium products improve skin health over the long term.

72 Our partners IYASHI DÔME Founded by Shogoro Uemura, Iyashi Dôme is designed to respond to a real need for detox and wellbeing, while bringing about a profound rebalancing of the body. It features the Infratherapy technique, which is both gentle and powerful. REBALANCE IMPULSE® A cognitive stimulation and training device, Rebalance Impulse® helps combat chronic stress, improves sleep quality, and helps strengthen the immune system. MAISON EPIGENETIC Their mantra is to take a 360° view of life, and as such they have created a method that is based on the 5 pillars of epigenetics. Through the latest advances in epigenetics, they can measure, compare and treat, by calculating your true age – that is, the age of your body. You can then implement a new lifestyle. The result? The body is rejuvenated, and your inner health resources are optimised. EVOLEUM MA French nutricosmetics brand that combines science and nature to offer unique products targeting both beauty and wellbeing. Its Drinkable Cosmetics products are a range of highly concentrated, sensorial liquid formulas that deliver all the essential nutrients needed by skin cells, in a targeted way.

73 Our partners CIRCLE SPORTSWEAR The first French sports brand based on the circular economy, Circle Sportswear offers techwear clothing for running, yoga and training that is made from 100% European recycled or natural materials – so you can exercise with a clear conscience. LE TIGRE Le Tigre has been a leading brand in wellbeing and yoga for over 10 years and has a clear and singular mission: to do good, everywhere, all the time. And to provide everyone with quality content based on advice and practices that are accessible to all those who wish to adopt a gentler way of life for body and mind. BY BEFLOW As a specialist in the biophysical measurement of the human body, the By Beflow technique can be used for a number of purposes: maintaining and improving wellbeing; boosting sports performance; getting to know and supporting people over time; and measuring and reducing stress or anxiety. It can also be harnessed to create tailor-made applications. STENDO® This cardio-synchronised massage device is a unique blood circulation simulator. It can be used for sports recovery, in-depth beauty routines, and vitality-boosting exercise.

74 Our partners Our experts

75 ANTOINE LECOQ A sports coach, Pilates teacher, swimming instructor and respirologist, Antoine Lecoq has been passionate about wellbeing for 25 years. Convinced that a holistic approach contributes to individual balance, he is now Wellness & Spa Director at Les Cures Marines. Our partners DR. ALEXANDRA DALU Specialising in anti-ageing medicine, Dr Alexandra Dalu is a nutritionist and mesotherapy expert, author and lecturer who focuses her work on helping people to age optimally through a multidisciplinary perspective. For The Purist, she recommends a comprehensive, personalised medical approach that is tailored to daily life: by working on different tangible aspects to achieve more restorative sleep and a regenerative lifestyle. A framework that includes a readjusting of circadian rhythms and new rituals to adopt into everyday living for optimal health, from morning till night. ÉMILIE FÉLIX As a chef specialising in nutrition and energy-boosting foods, Émilie Félix has trained our kitchen teams to offer tailor-made menus to suit the objectives and desires of each individual guest. Her expertise enables us to rebalance our lifestyles – through the foods we eat and the way they are cooked – in order to regain and protect our vitality.

Your experience The Purist 76

How do I book a treatment? If you are not (yet) on-site, call +33 (0)2 31 14 25 70 to make an appointment. From your room, press the «Institut» button on the telephone, or go to Reception. For both options, a 50% deposit will be requested. How do I postpone or cancel a treatment? You have up to 24 hours before your appointment time to cancel it, resulting in a full refund. Once this deadline has passed, we will not be able to refund the 50% deposit. To reschedule your appointment, please call the Spa Reception. Do I need to arrive in advance of my treatment time? We recommend that you arrive at The Purist Spa at least 30 minutes before your appointment time. This will give you time to get changed (if necessary), discover the premises, and settle in. What are the contraindications for attending an appointment or stay at The Purist? A medical certificate will be required for the following conditions: infectious and contagious diseases, acute neurological conditions, acute cardiovascular conditions or known heart failure, recent surgery, and cancer treatment. Aside from these specific conditions, a «wellbeing | health discharge» questionnaire must be completed before your treatment. What is the youngest age at which you can visit The Purist? Anyone over the age of 18 has access to all the treatments on offer. Children and teenagers aged 14 to 18 must provide a parental waiver to gain access to the hydrotherapy and nontherapeutic wellbeing treatments. Guests under the age of 18 are not permitted access to the Sauna and Hammam facilities. What treatments are recommended for pregnant women? A selection of treatments is available for between the 4th and 8th month of pregnancy, subject to a medical certificate being provided. Some of our treatments have been specially designed for pregnant women. Don’t hesitate to contact our on-site teams for more information. How can I give a The Purist experience as a gift? You can choose to offer one or more services (a cycle, sequence, or à la carte treatment) or opt for a gift voucher for the amount of your choice (available from €50, via the website: The voucher will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. How can I extend my The Purist experience at home? All the products used by our teams are available in the spa and/or hotel boutique. You can also opt to have your new treatment routine sent to your home (with free postage for purchases over €50). 77

78 The Purist space consists of: — 3 levels of wellbeing — 34 immersive treatment rooms — Expert and attentive therapists — A seawater pool heated to 32° — Hammam and sauna — 5 sensory showers — A sports studio — A meditation area Our space

79 RECEPTION GROUND FLOOR A Reception B Diagnostics Rooms 1 Wellbeing appointments 2 Beauty appointments C Shop D Fitness → Cardio Training E The Studio → Group activities F Cryotherapy G Changing rooms 3 Men 4 Women H Treatment rooms 1 to 9 1 2 B A C D E F G 3 4 H Front entrance Restaurant entrance Stairs to levels -1 / -2 Lift

I Light Suite Treatment rooms 10 to 15 J Oxygen Suite Treatment rooms 16 to 21 K Conservatory → Herbal tea room → Rest area → Meditation area 80 WINTER GARDEN LEVEL -1 K WC + PRM/wheelchair access WC + PRM/wheelchair access Stairs to ground floor Stairs to level -2 Lift I J

81 THERMAL SUITES LEVEL -2 L Marine pool → Jacuzzi → Massage jets → Swimming area → Sports activities M Sea Mist Suite Treatment rooms 30 to 35 N Sensory Space → Sauna → Hammam → Sensory showers → Nordic shower → Cool mist O Spa Suite Treatment rooms 26 to 29 P Seaweed Suite Treatment rooms 22 to 25 L WC Stairs to ground floor Lift M N O P

Cures Marines Trouville MGallery The Purist Retreat & Spa Boulevard de la Cahotte, 14360 Trouville-sur-Mer, France +33 (0)2 31 14 26 00