Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

73 Our partners CIRCLE SPORTSWEAR The first French sports brand based on the circular economy, Circle Sportswear offers techwear clothing for running, yoga and training that is made from 100% European recycled or natural materials – so you can exercise with a clear conscience. LE TIGRE Le Tigre has been a leading brand in wellbeing and yoga for over 10 years and has a clear and singular mission: to do good, everywhere, all the time. And to provide everyone with quality content based on advice and practices that are accessible to all those who wish to adopt a gentler way of life for body and mind. BY BEFLOW As a specialist in the biophysical measurement of the human body, the By Beflow technique can be used for a number of purposes: maintaining and improving wellbeing; boosting sports performance; getting to know and supporting people over time; and measuring and reducing stress or anxiety. It can also be harnessed to create tailor-made applications. STENDO® This cardio-synchronised massage device is a unique blood circulation simulator. It can be used for sports recovery, in-depth beauty routines, and vitality-boosting exercise.