Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

44 VOYA SIGNATURE MARINE RITUALS Spiced Mud Wrap A purifying, antioxidant treatment within a floating cocoon. Laminaria digitata Body Wrap A remineralising, moisturising treatment within a floating cocoon. Fucus serratus Detox Body Pack A naturally rebalancing treatment, within a floating cocoon. 20min | €70 20min | €70 20min | €70 Seaweed Bath Ritual This traditional revitalising bath is prepared with pure Irish seaweed, and offers remineralising, moisturising and rebalancing benefits. Seaweed Wrap Ritual In this unique ritual, strips of fresh, concentrated kelp are applied to the body, for their soothing, rebalancing and restorative properties. 25min | €70 50min | €130 À la carte Treatments