Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

52 CINQ MONDES MASSAGES Traditional Oriental A journey to the heart of Oriental traditions, this massage works on the whole body, using warm argan oil and incorporating slow, deep strokes, for a moment of pure wellbeing. . 50min | €140 Indian Ayurvedic This massage is inspired by traditional Abhyanga techniques. Warm oil is applied through alternating slow and fast movements, to release tension and reawaken the body. Polynesian Sublime Inspired by the slow rhythms of Lomi-Lomi, this massage draws on the knowledge passed down by Polynesian healers, and features delicate notes of tropical flowers, for an experience of deep relaxation. Brazilian Body Toning Bespoke This treatment, inspired by traditional Brazilian medicine, features draining and detoxifying movements, resulting in a relaxed body, a soothed mind, and a refined silhouette. 50min | €140 50min | €140 50min | €140 À la carte Treatments