Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

59 CINQ MONDES FACIALS Ko Bi So massages Expert manual lifting techniques inspired by rituals originating in Japan. Ko means ancient, Bi, the beauty of the face, and Do, the right action. Bali flower massage treatments Radiance Boost A treatment for radiant skin and a beautiful complexion, enhanced with the delicate scents of tropical flowers. Beauty Treatments 1 Session (20min) | €80 1 Session with scrub and mask (50min) | €140 1 Session with scrub, mask, acupressure and smoothing with Ridokis (80min) | €190 1 Session (20min) | €80 1 Session with facial massage (50min) | €140 1 Session with double exfoliation, pore extraction, facial massage and acupressure (80min) | €190