Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

58 Gold of the Sea The ultimate VOYA experience, combining the relaxing benefits of a back massage with the remineralising properties of a real seaweed mask. 80min | €190 Sublime Eyes and Lips This treatment stimulates the natural synthesis of essential youth-supporting resources. The smoothing, plumping and anti-fatigue effect is enhanced by the VOYA marine skincare line. Anti-ageing Expert A skin fitness treatment, combined with VOYA marine expertise , for a tailor-made objective: plumping, firming or refining. 25min | €90 50min | €140 À la carte Treatments VOYA FACIALS ENDERMOLOGIE By LPG x VOYA Intensity MEN’S TREATMENT A powerful marine-based treatment with real seaweed leaves, designed to meet the specific needs of men’s skin. Radiance A deeply detoxifying, revitalising and radianceenhancing marine treatment. Regeneration This marine treatment focuses on collagen stimulation, harnessing the most effective organic marine ingredients, including antioxidant seaweed complexes and real seaweed leaves. 50min | €140 50min | €140 50min | €140