Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

75 ANTOINE LECOQ A sports coach, Pilates teacher, swimming instructor and respirologist, Antoine Lecoq has been passionate about wellbeing for 25 years. Convinced that a holistic approach contributes to individual balance, he is now Wellness & Spa Director at Les Cures Marines. Our partners DR. ALEXANDRA DALU Specialising in anti-ageing medicine, Dr Alexandra Dalu is a nutritionist and mesotherapy expert, author and lecturer who focuses her work on helping people to age optimally through a multidisciplinary perspective. For The Purist, she recommends a comprehensive, personalised medical approach that is tailored to daily life: by working on different tangible aspects to achieve more restorative sleep and a regenerative lifestyle. A framework that includes a readjusting of circadian rhythms and new rituals to adopt into everyday living for optimal health, from morning till night. ÉMILIE FÉLIX As a chef specialising in nutrition and energy-boosting foods, Émilie Félix has trained our kitchen teams to offer tailor-made menus to suit the objectives and desires of each individual guest. Her expertise enables us to rebalance our lifestyles – through the foods we eat and the way they are cooked – in order to regain and protect our vitality.