Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

39 50min | €60 15min | €350 Oligoscan Evaluates the body’s needs in terms of minerals and trace elements, as well as oxidative stress levels. This technique also detects whether there are any heavy metals present within the body. Maison Epigenetic DNA Methylation Analysis of metabolic processes using a blood droplet sample, to study the modulation of the expression of certain genes within your DNA. Results are available within 3 weeks. BEAUTY Observ 520 Skin analysis using digital imaging, assessing skin health on the surface and at a deeper level. 20min | €30 50min | €60 BALANCE By Beflow Diagnostics This technique allows us to determine your physical, mental and emotional state at any given moment, by analysing the body’s impact zones. VITALITY Tanita Analysis Measures body composition, including fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and water mass. 15min | €30 Diagnostics