Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

29 With this cycle, you will explore a variety of wellbeing destinations, one day at a time, discovering rituals from around the world that have been inspired by age-old beauty and wellbeing secrets. Ideal for anyone seeking a true sense of escapism and wishing disconnection BENEFITS · One day, one journey · Pharmacopoeias of the world · Sensorial and natural 3 - 5 DAYS | €260 per day (excluding accommodation and dining) Example of a basic 5-day programme. SOOTHING RITUAL FROM INDIA • Relax under the ocean rain and the Bangalore mist • Indian Ayurvedic massage (50 min) • Bali flower facial massage (20 min) HARMONY RITUAL FROM JAPAN • Iyashi Dôme Japanese Sauna • Balancing Shiatsu treatment (50 min) • Ko Bi Do facial massage (20 min) SOFTNESS RITUAL FROM THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS • Egyptian milk bath • Pearl and hibiscus body wrap (20 min) • Traditional Oriental massage (50 min) ENERGY RITUAL FROM BRAZIL • Ocean wave and Brazilian mist • Detox Body Wrap with seaweed (20 min) • Brazilian massage (50 min) SERENITY RITUAL FROM POLYNESIA • Sublime scrub with Tahitian monoi (20 min) • Blue lagoon ocean bath • Sublime Polynesian massage (50 min) TO START • 1 Observ 520 Skin Diagnosis World Cycle