Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

27 TO START • 1 Tanita Impedance consultation • 3 Reinvigorating treatments of your choice: — Sculpting Marine Wave — or Invigorating Bath • 3 Detox treatments of your choice: — lyashi Dôme — or Fucus serratus Detox Body Wrap — or Stendo® cardio-synchronised massage session • 3 Body toning massages (20 mins) of your choice: — Endermolift Body by LPG — or Watermass body toning treatment — or Silhouette-enhancing drainage massage Tailor your cycle according to your specific needs, with our BOOSTERS, and benefit from a 15% discount off the “à la carte” price, as part of this programme. MOVEMENT Sports activity — or bespoke Coaching NUTRITIONAL EXPERTISE Consultation with a dietician EXPERTISE IN NATUROPATHY Consultation with our naturopath HYPNOSIS & ADDICTION This session is designed to help you break free from food addictions. REGULATING EMOTIONS A Rebalance Impulse® session, which focuses on the relationship between your diet and your emotions. MICRONUTRITION AND DETOX Nutritional supplements to regulate the digestive system BOOSTERS Reset Cycle THE BASICS A bespoke cycle for deep rebalancing. Ideal for anyone wishing to gain a new lease of life. A complete reset, providing nourishing energy and a healthy boost - with full board BENEFITS · Enhanced silhouette · Detox · Regulation 3 - 6 DAYS | €170 per day (excluding boosters, accommodation and dining) Example of a basic 3-day programme