Cures Marines Trouville-sur-Mer

47 WELLBEING EXPERIENCES Iyashi Dôme Japanese sauna Powerful infratherapy treatment, with detoxifying, purifying and relaxing properties. Hydrojet Musico Relax A heated, relaxing and soothing massage mattress. Rebalance Impulse® Guided neuro-meditation with synchronised colour therapy, for deep relaxation that improves sleep quality, combats chronic stress and strengthens the immune system. 25min | €60 Stendo® Cardio-synchronised stimulation, to reactivate the circulatory system and provide highly effective lymphatic drainage. 20min | €60 30min | €60 15min | €50 REBALANCING TREATMENTS Reflexology Applying pressure to the reflex zones along the arch of the foot, to release energy. 25min | €90 Shiatsu This technique works with applying pressure to the body, to harmonise energy flows. Energy-boosting Acupressure HThis traditional therapy brings all types of consciousness into harmony, whether connected to energy, emotions, or the body. A gentle but intense reset, to help you reconnect with your full potential. Traditional Tui Na massage A deep, revitalising massage focusing on the tissues and meridians that carry energy and blood through the body, to relieve pain and promote deep relaxation. 50min | €140 50min | €140 50min | €140 Harmony Treatments